For whom the internet is important

If your business is not present on the Internet, consider that it does not exist.

For most business ideas participants of the "Economic Opportunities for People Affected by the Conflict " this thesis is fair, and therefore ... we are exploring promotion tools on the internet! Having got the basic knowledge during the training module, everyone was able to learn more during the group consultation at the Microbusiness and Self-Employment Support Center of Dnipropetrovsk Region.

Instagram, Youtube, instant messengers and chat bots ... This and much more other thems  were  spoken on Wednesday, February 7, with the participants of the EOPAC project , which is implemented by the ICF Ukrainian Women's Fund, a regional partner in Dnipropetrovsk areas - NGO Women's Information and Coordination Center.


Understand the client: myth or reality?

On February 1-2, the fourth and fifth training modules for the project "Economic Opportunities for People Affectad by the  Conflict" (implemented by the ICF Ukrainian Women's Fund, regional partner in the Dnipropetrovsk region - NGO  Women's Information and Coordination Center), were held at the Parle Conference Center.

Participants developed business packaging and learned about the sources of customer engagement, actively consolidating theoretical knowledge while performing group training exercises. One of the main differences in the curriculum of this course from similar programs of other projects is the enormous amount of practical exercises that allows participants  immediately apply theoretical knowledge precisely to their real business ideas. Thus, during the entire training, entrepreneurs are working to improve their own businesses, so we wish  them inspiration and success in entrepreneurial activity.


Results of a grant competition are announced

The "Economic Opportunities to People Victim of the Conflict" project which regional partner in the Dnipropetrovsk region is Women's focal point not only gives opportunities for training of businessmen beginners, but also supports the operating business. In January of the 2018th year 106 applications which arrived from 8 regions of Ukraine on a competition of grants for expansion of business and creation of jobs for people, victims of the conflict were considered.
Applications were considered by the independent commission of experts consisting of representatives of authorities, business associations, the public and international organizations. The project invited the participants of a competition who gained the greatest number of points in each region to submit the request during the meeting of the commission on January 24 and 29 - via Skype interview.
By results of work of the commission, 32 applications among which there are two enterprises from the Dnipropetrovsk region are recommended for support: Center of development of intelligence of SMARTUM and farm for cultivation of EKO Garlic garlic. We congratulate winners and we wish success in realization of conceived!


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