The winners of the first grant competition came to the group

On November 6-7, 8th and 9th training modules under the project "Economic Opportunities for People Affected by Conflict”  took place in the Parle conference center in Dnipro. During the trainings, the participants chose the organizational and legal forms for their future business, learned about the features of taxation and reporting, and also detailed the financial indicators of business ideas.
And at the end of the training, the winners of the first grant competition Olga Varakuta and Irina Miroshnik visited the center to welcome the group to complete the training and go to the final line - to present business plans, as well as inspire participants to boldly implement their ideas.
The ladies talked about their training in the project, presented their businesses and talked to future entrepreneurs during a coffee break organized by Olga Varakuta and her coffee shop "Kofeolia". And  Iryna Miroshnik, the owner of the confectionery workshop "Miss Iriska", shared the secret of dreaming of the SMART criteria.
Thank you all for your hard work and active participation!
The project "Economic Opportunities for People Affected by Conflict” implemented by the NGO "Women's Information Coordination Center" in partnership with the international charity fund "Ukrainian Women's Fund" with the support of USAID.


Success stories of women entrepreneur

On October 26, during the business forum "The History of Women's Success: From Ideas to Business" organized by the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration together with NGO "Congress of Business Women of Ukraine", interim results of the project "Economic Opportunities for People Affected by Conflict” were presented. The winners of grant competitions within the framework of the project, Nadia Linivenko (network of mathematical schools “2x2”), Katerina Kisileva (studio "Fashion Inc 1") and Irina Miroshnik (pastry shop "Miss Iriska") presented their business projects and also shared useful tools and the secrets of success in implementing business ideas.


Fifth Business School

On October 19-21, the fifth business school of the project "Learning to work for ourselves, build our own business, become self-sufficient!" was held in the premises of the Information and Consultation Center operating on the basis of the Dniprovsky City Employment Center. Project is  implemented by the NGO "Women's Information and Coordination Center" with the support of the  Democracy Promotion Foundation of the USA Embassy in Ukraine.
During the business school, participants and participants sought answers to questions about how to find their own business idea, what opportunities exist for internally displaced persons and demobilized ATO participants for self-employment and entrepreneurship, how to identify their target audience and choose the source of customer engagement, how to use all available sources of funding and support, including state government support, as well as find out what are the grant business support programs in the region. All participants in the training will be able to take part in the grant competition, which will be announced in December 2017.


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