Start a grant competition for businesses that employ IDPs

The project "Economic Opportunities for People Affected by Conflict” implemented by the NGO "Women's Information Coordination Center" in partnership with the international charity fund "Ukrainian Women's Fund" with the support of USAID, is conducting a competition for grants to expand business and create jobs for people affected by the conflict.
The objective of the competition is to identify and support potentially successful business expansion ideas that will facilitate the employment of conflict-affected people: internally displaced persons (IDPs), demobilized servicemen and their families, people with disabilities and other persons in crisis situations.
Who can participate:
Small and medium-sized enterprises that are registered as entrepreneurs (limited liability companies, private entrepreneurs, farms) and operate in the Vinnytsya, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv or Kherson regions for at least one year. Enterprises may be represented by owners or managers.
Grant Amount:
For the winners of the competition it is expected to provide equipment or other assets, according to the application, as well as expert support for 6 months.
You can read more about the terms of the competition and download the application form at http://uwf.org.ua/news/1241 .


Christmas mood from the flower master

On December 28, within the framework of the project "IDPs and host communities: building tolerance through dialogue", implemented by the NGO "Women's Information Coordination Center" in partnership with the international charity fund "Ukrainian Women's Fund" with the support of the fund C.S. Mott Foundation took place a master class for making Christmas compositions from a participant of the project Olena Shemchuk. Participants were immersed in the magic atmosphere, learned to create beauty, felt the festive New Year's mood, enjoyed communication and wonderful New Year's compositions.


Forum Economic Opportunities for People Affected by Conflict

Today, on December 8, 2016, the Dnipro Regional Forum "Economic Opportunities for People Affected by Conflict”  was held in Dnipro, during which the presentation of the new USAID project with the same name was held.
The main topic of the Forum was the economic situation, which included both representatives of the local community and internally displaced persons who found shelter in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Today, the region is urgently facing the issue of creating new jobs, launching new entrepreneurial initiatives that would contribute to solving problems related to employment of the population.
It is for this purpose that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) launches the Economic Opportunities for People Affected by Conflict”  project aimed at helping people affected by the conflict establish or move small businesses and increase the capacity of business / private sector participants who provide support to people affected by the conflict - internally displaced persons, demobilized servicemen and members of host communities, including women and people with disabilities.
The project will work in two directions: helping to create new jobs and developing the skills of people affected by the conflict, as well as creating or moving small businesses.
Project Director Natalia Karbovskaya, opening the Forum, noted that Dnipropetrovsk region has always been a unique region that demonstrated brilliant business abilities. Therefore, the Director of the Project expressed confidence that the Project will be successful in the Dnipro and soon the city will be enriched with a number of new business initiatives that will help expand opportunities for both internally displaced persons and local communities.
National Partner of the project,  "Business Arena Ltd" conducted a thorough sociological study that showed the status of the IDPs in the region, as well as prospects for the creation and development of small and medium-sized businesses.
As part of the project, the  Center for Microbusiness and Self-Employee Support will be established in the region on the basis of the NGO "Women's Information and Coordination Center".
"Business Arena Ltd" will train business trainers accordint to a self-developed program, which in the future, on the basis of the Center will conduct trainings for those who wish to start their own business.
The Forum announced the launch of a small and medium-sized grants competition to expand business and create jobs for people affected by the conflict.
“Business Arena”  will provide further advisory support to enterprises that will cooperate with the Project and will employ the people affected by conflict
It is anticipated that the Business Support Center will work before the end of the year and will carry out the first set of listeners for their trainings in January-February 2017.



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