And each finish is, in fact, a start …

Sewing of national costumes and a training center, cosmetology services and massage rooms, a center of psychological help, a dance-vocal studio and a sewing studio ... and also the construction, manufacture of knitted clothes, making pickles by the author's recipes and the most delicious dumplings ... And many other business ideas that will soon be implemented in the Dnipropetrovsk region. There were not enough business days to protect business plans with all  love and inspiration to tell about their businesses, but our graduates did it!

Congratulations on graduation and wish success in the implementation of ideas! We are always near and will support you!

The project "Economic opportunities for people affected by the  conflict" is being implemented by the ICF Ukrainian Women's Fund, a regional partner in the Dnipropetrovsk region - NGO "Women's Information and Coordination Center"


The final direct training course for business skills

Which tax system to choose? How to interact with supervisory authorities? How to document employment relationships? And, in the end, when will we get profit from our business ideas? This and much more was said during the 8th and 9th modules. Already traditionally the winner of the previous grant competition for people with disabilities Ivan Kazaev has come to the group, which goes to the final direct study. Ivan shared his experience of participating in the project and told about the important aspects of preparing a business plan. When he was asked whether he would start his business without receiving grant assistance, Ivan replied that the grant was an additional motivation, and the main stimulus to start was just the knowledge and impulse after training.


A project on financial literacy was launched

What does the financial stability of the country begin with? From the financial stability of citizens! The organization of income and expenses, the competent use of financial instruments, the security system from the actions of financial fraudsters learned a lot from participants of the two-day training program "Financial Awareness for a Confident Future", which took place on March 26-27, 2018. The program is implemented by the ICF Ukrainian Women's Fund within the framework of the USAID Transformation of the Financial Sector project, the regional partner of the DMCS Women's Information Coordination Center. Within the framework of the project, one-day and two-day training for young people studying at vocational education institutions, people of pre-retirement age and retirement age, internally displaced persons, people with disabilities, large families and low-income citizens will be organized. The main goal of the project is to provide knowledge and promote the development of financial literacy skills to improve the material conditions of people from vulnerable groups.


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